ENTERPRISE Business Telephony / Ringover / Certified Partner

ENTERPRISE Business Telephony / Ringover / Certified Partner

SMC Consulting, your Ringover Certified Partner

Optimize the management of your communications with Ringover! As a certified partner, SMC Consulting deploys customized solutions to integrate the Ringover platform into your professional environment. Take advantage of a unified communication experience to improve interactions with your customers and prospects.

Certified partner of Ringover

SMC Consulting, Ringover Certified Partner
Elevate your communication with Ringover and SMC Consulting

Elevate your business telecommunications with Ringover and SMC Consulting

Elevate your communication with Ringover and SMC Consulting

In today’s business landscape where smooth communication is paramount, Ringover emerges as the essential SaaS solution to effectively manage exchanges with your customers and prospects. Its intuitive platform enables seamless integration of your communication systems, ensuring improved customer interactions and unprecedented call management.

With Ringover, backed by SMC Consulting’s expertise, you have access to a full suite of tools to revolutionize your customer relationship and refine your internal communication processes. From managing inbound and outbound calls to enhanced team collaboration, Ringover acts as a central hub for efficiency and innovation at the heart of your business.

SMC Consulting opens the doors to the Ringover environment, guiding you through the customization, administration, and implementation of your cloud phone system. We’re here to ensure that every interaction counts and that every feature is used to its fullest to transform your day-to-day operations.

With SMC Consulting and Ringover, you can turn challenges into real growth levers and propel your company into a digital era full of promise. Contact us for a complete analysis of your communication needs and discover how our personalized support can lead to concrete and impactful solutions.

Ringover, the SaaS solution already adopted by more than 10,000 customers


Discover the different Ringover solutions

Cadence by Ringover revolutionizes the way companies plan and execute their call campaigns. With its auto-dialing and interaction tracking features, Cadence helps optimize telemarketing efforts and significantly improve conversion rates.

Empower by Ringover is designed to energize and upset your team with advanced communication tools. It facilitates seamless collaboration, boosts productivity with intelligent features, and enables optimized call management and data analysis.

The Ringover solution is the backbone of effective business communication, offering an integrated telephony cloud platform. It combines simplicity and power, allowing businesses of all sizes to manage their calls, texts, and video conferences with ease and flexibility.

SMC Consulting – your Certified partner in telecommunications with Ringover

SMC Consulting – your telecommunications partner with Ringover​

SMC Consulting, Ringover Certified Partner, transforms your communications management by leveraging Ringover’s advanced solutions, offering you a range of customized services. Our expertise encompasses modernizing the customer experience, optimizing call handling, and harmonizing interactions through seamless integrations. We play a key role in improving your productivity and growing your operations with Ringover tools.

We support you in your transition to unified communications, providing you with all the resources for seamless integration and full adoption of cloud phone system innovations. Our approaches encompass strategic advice and a proactive approach to overcoming challenges, ensuring that each phase is executed with precision and know-how.

With SMC Consulting, Ringover Certified Partner, your journey to communication excellence is punctuated by targeted training and top-notch technical support, ensuring you can use Ringover efficiently and autonomously. Enter into a collaboration that goes beyond consulting, and is dedicated to optimizing your interactions and maximizing your company’s performance.

SMC Consulting – your telecommunications partner with Ringover​
FAQ Ringover

FAQ – SMC Consulting and optimized communication with Ringover

Ringover is a complete SaaS solution for managing business communications that centralizes calls, texts, and video conferencing. It is designed to improve the efficiency of teams by facilitating simplified management of customer and prospect exchanges through an intuitive and accessible interface.

SMC Consulting guides you through the adoption and optimization of Ringover. We offer tailor-made support including integration, configuration, training and ongoing support so that you can get the most out of this communication solution.

Ringover allows you to optimize the management of your business phone exchanges with great simplicity, offering a unified platform for your communications, better customer relationship management, advanced features for call tracking and easy integration with your CRM tools.

Yes, Ringover is designed to fit businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMEs to large corporations, and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

Absolutely, Ringover easily integrates with many business tools, including CRMs and productivity platforms, thanks to its flexible APIs and a range of native integrations, allowing you to centralize your customer communications and data.

SMC Consulting is committed to providing comprehensive support for Ringover, from initial set-up to ongoing technical support, ensuring smooth and efficient use of the platform for all users within your organization.

Ringover stands out for its ability to unify all communication channels into a single interface, its ease of use, and its advanced reporting functionality that helps companies analyze and improve their communication processes.

The cost of integrating Ringover depends on your company’s specific structure and communication needs. SMC Consulting offers flexible packages and custom quotes to fit your budget and business requirements. We invite you to contact us for a personalized evaluation and a tailor-made quote.

Customer Testimonials

“I can’t emphasize enough how much Ringover has helped with our development!”

Ivo Betke

Ivo Betke

Managing Director

“ The dashboard, coupled with its usability is what we needed as our team grew at a rapid rate! ”

Alex Dobb

Alex Dobb

Chief Operating Officer of Movinghub

“ Ringover’s phone system and smart analytics helped us to grow 400% “

Tom Marsden

Tom Marsden

Founder & CEO of Curral