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Website Creation / Graphic Design / UX / UI Design / Branding

Website Creation / Graphic Design / UX / UI Design / Branding

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Bring your creative visions to life with ease! With, SMC Creative accompanies you from the conceptualization to the realization of your design and web projects.

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We combine recognized expertise and cutting-edge solutions for an automated and tailor-made work environment. , the essential tool for design and web professionals

We combine recognized expertise and cutting-edge solutions for an automated and tailor-made work environment.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of web design and creation, precision is crucial and each project represents a unique opportunity. The challenges of modern design and web development require impeccable organization, flawless execution and the ability to adapt in real time. To meet these challenges,, with its features dedicated to project management and team collaboration, has become a must for creative professionals.

As a certified partner of, SMC Consulting offers you a management solution adapted to the world of web design and creation. Thanks to our expertise in the customization and integration of, we offer you a tool that perfectly matches your needs while optimizing the productivity of your teams.

Our solution integrates many features, such as forms to facilitate customer feedback, dashboards for precise monitoring of each stage of your projects, or automations to optimize workflows. These tools have been designed to streamline and automate your processes, minimize repetitive tasks and promote transparent communication within your teams.

With, you have a holistic view of all your creative projects, allowing project managers and team leaders to track the progress of tasks and adjust priorities in real-time. By choosing the solution with SMC Consulting, you are investing in a powerful tool and a suitable strategy to raise your creative projects to the pinnacle of excellence.

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Collaboration is not only at the heart of creative projects, but it is the main driver of them, and is the perfect tool to catalyze it. This project management platform is specifically aimed at creative teams, whether they are graphic designers, web designers, developers, or any other related discipline. By centralizing communication, offers a dedicated space where each member can express themselves, share their innovative ideas, their models being developed, while benefiting from constructive feedback from their colleagues. Gone are the days of long chains of emails and scattered files.

With, everything is at your fingertips, optimizing time and resources. Obstacles and issues that may arise along the way are quickly identified and resolved through transparent communication. This dynamic fosters a real synergy between the different actors of a project, not only strengthening productivity, but above all stimulating an environment of innovation and constant creativity. In a world where speed and efficiency are key, positions itself as the key partner for any creative team that wants to excel.

Creative and design discussion
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Creative and desing

The interface is designed to meet the specific needs of creative agencies while providing advanced project management features. At the center of this platform, interactive dashboards shine with their clarity and efficiency. In particular, they offer the Gantt chart, which is essential for a chronological visualization of tasks, better coordination of teams and perfect control of deadlines.

What particularly sets apart is its ability to integrate with a multitude of third-party tools, promoting even smoother and more efficient collaboration. With integrations for Figma, designers can sync their mockups and concepts directly to the platform. Canva, another essential tool in the creative world, also connects to, allowing marketing and creative teams to collaborate in real-time on visuals.

For communications teams, the integration with Slack facilitates quick exchanges and group discussions around ongoing projects. And for those managing ad campaigns, the Google Ads integration ensures rigorous tracking of performance and budgets.

The versatility of doesn’t stop there. The tool also allows you to connect other essential applications such as Google Drive for document sharing, Trello for card migration or Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings.
So, isn’t just a project management tool; It’s a centralized hub that brings together all aspects of a creative project. It ensures that every team member is on the same page, having access to all the information and tools needed to turn an idea into reality.

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The OS provides a detailed view of each stage of creation, allowing you to follow the evolution of the versions, from the first drafts to the finishes. Each mockup or prototype can be associated with specific comments, annotations, or feedback, ensuring clear communication between designers, developers, and other stakeholders.

In addition, with task management features, you can assign responsibilities, set specific deadlines, and even integrate reminders to ensure that each step progresses according to schedule. By integrating external tools such as Figma or Canva, strengthens the centralization of resources, allowing all stakeholders to access the latest versions and collaborate effectively, wherever they are. This holistic management of mock-ups and prototypes not only facilitates the creation process, but also ensures that projects remain aligned with the original objectives, while adapting to real-time feedback.

With, give life to a single space dedicated to all your artistic and professional creations: your interactive portfolio. This platform becomes the digital reflection of your talent, bringing together all your achievements in one place. Not only can you categorize them according to different criteria – by date, by genre, by client – but you can also add detailed descriptions, annotations or stories of the genesis of each project. Interaction is also highlighted: each work can be commented on, whether to collect a team’s impressions or to note a client’s feedback. Sharing is made extremely simple, making it possible to show a particular piece or your entire work with just a few clicks. Whether it’s for an internal review, a client presentation or simply to solicit feedback, your portfolio becomes a powerful communication tool. Thus, not only stores your creations, but enhances them, makes them accessible and facilitates their distribution, so that each project finds its audience.

Use to orchestrate the publication of your content. Whether it’s blog posts, social media posts, or newsletter mailings, get a complete view of your editorial strategy. Assign roles, set deadlines, and collaborate in real-time. Ensure consistent and relevant delivery, while reacting quickly to trends and feedback. Facilitate communication and coordination between your team members with this intuitive tool.

From the initial design to the final launch, rigorously follow every step of a website’s creation with our integrated solution. With, you can precisely coordinate the different phases of the project, from the design phase to programming and testing. Easily integrate your customers’ feedback, manage the different versions of the site and ensure that you scrupulously respect the deadlines set.

Centralize your graphic assets (logos, images, typography) with the power of, ensuring a flawless organization of all your visual assets. The work OS gives you an intuitive library where every element is just a click away, avoiding wasting time in searches. Facilitate not only sharing, but also real-time collaboration on these assets, ensuring visual consistency across all your projects.

With’s powerful tool, receive feedback directly on your mock-ups and designs, making the validation process more interactive and efficient. In-context annotations offer an incomparable advantage by ensuring clear and accurate feedback. Rather than lengthy email exchanges, feedback is embedded directly on the design in question, ensuring a better understanding of expectations.

With the power of the solution, integrated by SMC Consulting, benefit from an advanced versioning system. This platform not only allows you to keep a complete history of the different versions of your creations, from the simple draft to the final version, but also to view the changes made at each stage. In the event of an unforeseen event or the need to revert to an earlier step, accessing older versions becomes a breeze. This structured approach fosters team collaboration and ensures that each member is aligned with the current direction of the project. In addition, it brings transparency that is appreciated by your customers, allowing them to understand and appreciate how far they have come since the initial design.

With the power of, backed by SMC Consulting’s expertise, transform your creative processes into a well-oiled machine. Built-in automations are a game-changer for your team, eliminating the need to manually perform repetitive tasks. Imagine a world where approvals are tracked automatically, every team member receives reminders about impending deadlines, and project statuses are updated in real-time without human intervention. Not only does this free up valuable time to focus on the core of the creation, but it also minimizes mistakes and oversights.

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