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Boost your sales prospecting with Cadence

Immerse yourself in the world of Cadence, the sales development platform, and radically transform the way you sell. As a certified partner of Ringover solutions, SMC Consulting provides you with a multi-channel tool that streamlines, organizes and automates the prospecting process for your sales force.

Certified partner of Ringover

Boost your sales prospecting with Cadence​
Optimization of sales processes with Cadence

Optimization of sales
processes with Cadence

With the goal of transforming the operational efficiency of your company, SMC Consulting presents Cadence, a revolutionary platform that reinvents sales prospecting management. Cadence is the strategic ally that ensures that 100% of your prospects receive the attention they need, thanks to fully automated follow-up and follow-up processes. This systematic workflow optimization frees your teams from administrative burdens, allowing them to dedicate more time to building meaningful customer relationships and closing sales.

Cadence’s intuitive interface is designed to provide a simple and smooth user experience. It offers a centralized platform where to-do lists are automatically generated, ensuring that sales reps approach each day with a clear and detailed action plan. Seamless integration with CRM systems and cloud telephony solutions enables immediate access to critical data, ensuring a personalized and consistent approach to every customer interaction.

Cadence by Ringover is not just another tool in your company’s technological arsenal, it is a digital transformation of sales prospecting. It delivers complete visibility, real-time insights, and the power of automation that takes team productivity to new heights. With Cadence, SMC Consulting invites you to rediscover what simplicity and efficiency really mean in sales prospecting.

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Multi-channel and personalized communication

Cadence equips you to reach your prospects faster by selecting the most suitable and receptive communication channel for their specific profile. Whether it’s calls, emails or text messages, each message is meticulously calibrated to resonate with the recipient, taking into account their position and industry, ensuring an optimized response rate.

With Cadence’s multi-channel prospecting, no prospect is left behind. Every contact is systematically tracked, and customizable semi-automatic messages keep the communication momentum going while maintaining a personal touch. This structured approach ensures that your message always reaches its target with the utmost efficiency.

Cadence doesn’t stop there; It streamlines the prospecting process by instituting proven sequences that propel each team member to the rank of top performer. Pre-designed message templates for email and SMS make it easy to onboard new hires, quickly setting them up for success. With SMC Consulting and Cadence, discover sales prospecting without borders, where speed, accuracy and personalization open the doors to unprecedented results.

Harness your team's efficiency with Cadence

SMC Consulting provides you with Cadence, a powerful tool to manage and fine-tune the performance of your sales teams with unparalleled precision. Whether your employees are working in the office or remotely, Cadence provides full transparency into their activity level with real-time performance metrics. This instant visibility allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your prospecting strategies and make targeted improvements in just a few clicks.

With Cadence, you get detailed statistics, both global and individual, that paint an accurate picture of each team member’s performance and output. This means you can quickly identify areas of excellence and areas for improvement, adapting ways of working accordingly to maximize overall efficiency.

Cadence’s built-in A/B testing tool allows you to go a step further by testing and comparing different prospecting sequences to determine the most effective approaches. As a result, you’re able to continually refine your prospecting methods to ensure your teams are not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them, propelling your business results to new heights.

Cadence's must-have

Unified prospecting

Unified prospecting

Unified Prospecting

Cadence centralizes the management of various prospecting channels in a single tool for a consistent and integrated approach.
Proven Sequences


Proven Sequences

The platform offers standardized prospecting methods, proven for their effectiveness, ensuring optimal results.
Team orientation

Team orientation

Team Orientation

It provides clear direction to sales reps, detailing precisely the steps in their sales process.
CRM Synchronization

CRM Synchronization

CRM Synchronization

Cadence integrates seamlessly with existing CRM, allowing for automatic, real-time data updates.
Automated Task Management

Automated Task Management

Automated Task Management

Cadence reduces manual tasks, allowing teams to focus on value-added actions.
Accelerated Contact


Accelerated Contact

Cadence increases response rate by allowing teams to reach out to prospects in a strategic, personalized way.
Performance Monitoring


Performance Monitoring

Activity indicators and statistics provide real-time insights into the performance of prospecting sequences.
Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

The solution provides immediate visibility into sales rep activity, whether on-site or working from home.
Continuous Optimization


Continuous Optimization

With A/B testing functionality, teams can continuously refine and optimize their prospecting strategies.
Easy Integration


Easy Integration

Cadence harmonizes with cloud telephony and other everyday tools for a smooth transition and efficient use.

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Explore Cadence , the ultimate sales prospecting tool

As a preferred partner of Cadence, SMC Consulting becomes your guide to excel in multi-channel sales prospecting, optimize your sales operations and maximize your results. Watch a personalized demo to see how Cadence can revolutionize your prospecting and take your sales teams’ productivity to the next level.