Advanced Sales Enablement / Conversational Intelligence /
Increased Sales Performance

Advanced Sales Enablement / Conversational Intelligence / Increased Sales Performance

Ringover's Empower, excellence in sales enablement

Optimize every interaction with Ringover’s Empower. In partnership with SMC Consulting, leverage Empower’s conversational intelligence to turn your calls into sales opportunities, accelerate your teams’ upskilling, and improve customer engagement.

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Ringover's Empower, excellence in sales enablement
Amplify your teams' business impact with Empower

Amplify your teams' business impact with Empower

Ringover’s sales enablement tool, Empower, is a must-have solution for companies striving for operational excellence. Designed to transcend the barriers of traditional communication, this offering enables unprecedented management and control over the relevance of customer interactions.

Ringover’s Empower tool offers a robust suite of features, including full call transcription, which becomes the foundation for advanced communication analysis. This feature is not just a record of the words exchanged; It is the cornerstone of a thorough understanding of customer needs, prevalent topics, and opportunities for improvement. Automatically identifying topics on calls allows teams to capture the essence of customer inquiries and respond to them with surgical precision, providing increased personalization and improved customer satisfaction.

The advanced filters that Ringover’s Empower integrates analyze the quality of calls with finesse, deciphering not only the themes but also the nuances of the communication. This aspect is crucial to ensure that every conversation strengthens the brand and propels the business strategy.

In short, Ringover’s Empower, supported by SMC Consulting’s expertise, represents an incomparable offer for companies aiming to perfect their sales pitch, refine their conversational intelligence and propel their sales performance to the next level.

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Accelerate professional development with Empower

Rapid skills development is a fundamental pillar of a company’s growth. Ringover’s Empower offers a dynamic solution to catalyze this development within your teams. Through behavioral analytics and contextualized feedback, Ringover’s Empower allows you to accurately identify the specific training needs of each team member. This creates an environment conducive to targeted and more effective learning sessions, particularly suited to the rapid upskilling of your new employees.


With features such as speaker mood analysis, Ringover’s Empower goes beyond traditional metrics. This makes it possible to understand not only what is being said but also the tone used, offering a holistic view of communication. Personalized advice can then be provided to each agent, on aspects as varied as the rhythm of the conversation or the management of interruptions, thus refining the quality of interactions.


In addition, detailed exchange KPIs, such as turns and monologues frequency, provide an in-depth understanding of conversation dynamics. This information is essential for assessing customer engagement and agent communication effectiveness, allowing sales techniques and customer service skills to be adjusted for optimal results.


By integrating Ringover’s Empower into your professional development practices, you set a standard of excellence and efficiency, ensuring that every member of your team is not only competent but also a master of the art of effective communication.

Master customer understanding with Empower

The key to a successful customer relationship is a deep and authentic understanding of customer needs and expectations. Ringover’s Empower is the perfect tool to decipher and meet these expectations with precision. This intuitive platform allows businesses to quickly identify the top concerns of their customers and prospects, capturing recurring topics and key talking points, in a multitude of languages. It’s a revolution in customer understanding that transcends language and cultural barriers.

Identifying themes and keywords becomes child’s play thanks to Ringover’s state-of-the-art Empower artificial intelligence. This feature allows you to capture the essence of your customers’ concerns, identifying trends and patterns that can inform your business and service strategy.

Finally, for international companies, the ability to translate calls into French, English and Spanish is invaluable. This opens the doors to a global customer base, ensuring that every customer, regardless of language, is heard and understood. With Ringover’s Empower, your company is perfectly positioned to refine its narrative, improve communication, and create strategies that resonate with a diverse audience.

The must-have
advantages of Empower

Optimization of commercial communication

Optimization of
Commercial Communication

Optimization of Commercial Communication

Ringover's Empower helps teams fine-tune their communication to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction through conversational intelligence.
Synthesis of interactions

Synthesis of

Synthesis of Interactions

The platform allows calls to be quickly logged and summarized, providing an overview of discussions for effective follow-up.
Call Analysis & Trends

Call Analysis
& Trends

Call Analysis & Trends

Empower identifies key topics discussed during calls, providing statistics and recommendations to improve the quality of conversations.
CRM Integration


CRM Integration

The solution integrates with Ringover to automatically record and analyze all calls, centralizing data and making it easier to access.
Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Managers can easily supervise and ensure the quality of exchanges, both in terms of content and form.
Skills Development

Skills Development

Skills Development

Empower helps identify employee training needs, enabling targeted and effective improvement sessions.
Post-Call Efficiency


Post-Call Efficiency

The solution saves time by quickly retrieving critical post-call information for quick and prepared actions.
Customer Understanding


Customer Understanding

Empower makes it easy to understand customer concerns, helping to tailor the sales pitch to better meet their expectations
Sales enablement


Sales Enablement

Empower enriches the sales enablement process by training sales teams and providing them with tools to optimize their performance.
Strategic use of AI

use of AI

Strategic use of AI

Empower uses artificial intelligence to collect and interpret data, providing valuable insights for lead qualification and offer personalization.
Impact on customer relations

Impact on
Customer Relations

Impact on Customer Relations

By collecting accurate data in the field, Empower helps create new content and adjust sales strategies to improve the overall customer experience.

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