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The customer service tool where you can streamline conversations in one place, employees can work together on a ticket and implement automations. Read more.
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Freshdesk: ticket handling tool for collaboration and productivity

Organizing Freshdesk optimally offers you many advantages.

All emails, forms, chats, social media channels or phone calls that come in can be converted into tickets with Freshdesk. You no longer have to switch between different tools. You will never forget a follow-up or postpone an answer.

Unlike email, the Freshdesk ticket handling tool is designed for collaboration and productivity. You can achieve much more with Freshdesk than just send answers! You can determine the priority of each ticket based on keywords. Assign each ticket to a specific employee and group so that there is no confusion about who is working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so that the most important tickets are at the front of the row.

With the automations of Freshdesk you can turn on the autopilot.

Streamline your help desk with non-stop automations to help ensure your support process runs as smoothly as possible. You can automate routine tasks in your help desk, such as prioritizing, following up, and other operational tasks that help you provide support. That way your team can use their time better and provide a perfect support experience for your customers.

Freshdesk Automatic Tickets routing

With Freshdesk’s multi-channel helpdesk, your employees can respond to emails, answer phone calls and chat with customers within one helpdesk. Thanks to the unified customer database, you always have access to previous interactions with customers through any channel. Employees can also follow up on customers and continue to monitor conversations by converting them into help desk tickets.

Omnichannel Support

Reach 1.5 Billion customers where they’re already present to resolve queries faster with the WhatsApp integration for Freshdesk.

WhatsApp Freshdesk Integration

Establish rules about when tickets should be answered and resolved so that employees have clarity about the deadline. A service level agreement helps communicate the estimated time with the customer and the employee and measure how many employees stay within the time frame. Divide the workload or add more people to the team based on SLA compliance. Automatically send reminders to employees or escalations to managers when the SLA is not met.

Freshdesk SLA Managment

Convert any communication channel into a trackable ticket that you can manage and add tasks to. Manage and add multiple communication channels. Unlike your mailbox, every email here is categorized, arranged and assigned to a specific support employee. You can also set solution deadlines for each ticket using service level agreements.

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Freshdesk can be used in combination with Freshchat and other tools such as Freshcaller , Freshsales and Freshservice as a fully-fledged omnichannel platform. After all, customers are happy to decide how and when to contact you. With the set-up of an omnichannel platform you will certainly create great customer experiences.