Fast-Track Your Digital Transofmation


We have been successfully servicing large enterprises in the domains of digital transformation and information security since the advent of the internet.


Our approach is focused on agile project management and delivery. We work with short sprints and deliver according to a pre-agreed time frame no matter what.


There is no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. Our team pools their industry expertise and develop perspectives, resources and capabilities so that we can prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

What Makes SMC Consulting Special

About SMC Consulting

We Fast-track your digital transformation. SMC Consulting specialises in Workflow Management and Automation, Data Science and Analytics and Customer Engagement with a focus on the delivery and on putting the customer first. We offer Project Management, CRM, HR, Marketing, ITSM and Customer support solutions.

We focus on delivery using agile methodology. Our framework for achieving agility at scale is based on hundreds of successful deployments and dozens of disappointing experiences in accelerating delivery cycles within large-scale organisations. Our know-how points to three key principles to deliver measured improvements in agility with high confidence: Steer using economic governance, measure incremental improvements honestly, and empower teams with disciplined agile delivery.

What matters is to deliver on the assigned project versus delivering experts to deliver on a project.



To Fast-track your digital transformation, we focus on your business needs and keep your ROI in our line of sight. We work on achieving the desired outcome while washing away all the disturbances that come in the way.

Customer First

We put your needs and requirements ahead of anything and everything else.

We strives to build healthy relationships with you by identifying your needs and providing you the best-possible experience.

Short Delivery Cycles

Working in an agile manner allows us to deliver frequently and keep you updated on the progress. We put the stakeholders interactions on emphasis and constant communications is at the core.

We Deliver

Thanks to our model, we deliver the results you have been seeking. As a customer, you will only need to focus on your business priorities and not on managing people. Our mission is to make sure that you reach your objectives.

Looking to Boost Your Returns, Secure Your Information or Optimise Your Customers' Interactions


Services We Provide

RECENT NEWS & EVENTS and SMC Consulting Partner to offer Work OS in France and the Benelux and SMC Consulting Partner to Offer Workflow Management Solutions in France and the Benelux

PARIS & TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — June, 06 2023 —, a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work and SMC Consulting, a leader in supporting the digital transformation journey of companies in Europe, announced today a…

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SMC Consulting in the spotlight

SMC Consulting in the Spotlight

Freshworks gave us the privilege to be put in the spotlight in their monthly newsletter. In fact SMC Consulting, since the beginning of its partnership with Freshworks, two years ago has put every effort in its power to serve and delight its customers. This of-course went through the offering new and innovative solutions coupled with…

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MoEngage and SMC Consulting Partner to Provide Consumer-oriented Brands the Power to Build Insights-led Engagement

MoEngage and SMC Consulting Partner to Provide Consumer-oriented Brands the Power to Build Insights-led Engagement

MoEngage, a leading Insights-led Customer Engagement platform, has announced a strategic partnership with SMC Consulting, a Cyber Security and Customer Engagement consulting firm. This association aims towards leveraging the strengths of both the organisations and making it possible for consumer-oriented brands to address customers’ needs throughout their purchase lifecycle, in a hyper-personalised manner. MoEngage collects…

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