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SMC Consulting, your Make partner

Maximize the automation of your business processes with Make! As a certified partner, SMC Consulting offers tailor-made strategies to effectively integrate the Make platform into your digital ecosystem, facilitating smooth and automated management of your workflows.

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Unleash the power of Make with SMC Consulting

Unleash the power of Make with SMC Consulting

In an era where agility and operational efficiency are key, Make presents itself as the go-to solution to automate and connect your business applications effortlessly. Thanks to its modular approach, Make allows you to create custom automations that perfectly align with your business objectives.

With Make and SMC Consulting’s expertise, benefit from a robust portfolio of applications to transform your customer experience and optimize internal processes. From automating repetitive tasks to synchronizing real-time data, Make serves as a catalyst for efficiency and innovation in your organization.
SMC Consulting, your guide in the world of Make, helps you configure, manage and deploy automation solutions that amplify your productivity and strengthen your market impact. We are your ally in ensuring that every process is streamlined and every feature is leveraged to its full potential.

With SMC Consulting and Make, turn challenges into opportunities and evolve your business into a promising digital future. Let us help you build an agile infrastructure that scales with the speed of innovation.

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Make is revolutionizing the marketing industry by offering a powerful automation platform that transforms end-to-end marketing strategies. With Make, SMC Consulting takes your marketing operations to the next level through the seamless integration and synchronization of your existing tools and data. Whether it's to amplify your advertising campaigns, effectively manage your social networks or simplify the logistics of your events, Make is the ideal solution for agile and efficient marketing management.



In a fast-paced business environment, optimizing and automating sales flows is crucial to staying competitive. Integrate Make to synchronize and maximize the efficiency of your existing sales system, enabling more agile management and better performance of your sales teams. With Make, your sales processes become smoother and less error-prone, thanks to full automation, from lead generation to customer retention.
Customer Experience


Customer Experience

The customer experience is transformed with Make's innovative approach, which uses automation to create meaningful, personalized customer interactions. Make simplifies the customer journey by automating tasks from initial contact to long-term retention, ensuring a seamless and highly personalized experience.



Make optimizes your company's financial management through intelligent automation, linking expenses, payroll, and invoicing processes. With Make, you can also manage inventory and supply chains in real-time, ensuring you have the right level of inventory to meet demand, while reducing costs and avoiding surpluses.
Computer Science


Computer Science

Make revolutionizes IT workflow by automating system monitoring and user account management, enabling a reliable and secure IT infrastructure within your organization. Make also simplifies the creation of accurate system documentation and the integration of business data, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.
Human Resources


Human Resources

Make optimizes your human resources management by automating candidate search, time tracking, and leave management, facilitating the recruitment and onboarding process. Employee departure processes also become safer and more efficient, allowing for a smooth transition for the company and staff.

SMC Consulting – your expert partner in automation with Make

SMC Consulting reinvents your business by deploying Make’s automation efficiency, offering you a range of tailor-made services. Our area of expertise extends to business process transformation (BPM), optimizing workflow automation, and accurate data orchestration through intelligent integrations. We also help maximize your operational efficiency and propel your strategic initiatives using the Make platform.

We guide you through the digital transformation process, providing you with the tools you need for a smooth transition and full adoption of the latest innovations. Our actions include strategic advice and proactive challenge solving, ensuring that each step is managed with agility and competence.

With SMC Consulting, your path to operational excellence is paved with appropriate training and constant technical support, ensuring you an efficient and independent mastery of Make. Experience collaboration that transcends consulting and is dedicated to improving your company’s processes and outcomes.

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FAQ – SMC Consulting and Automation with Make

Make is an automation platform that allows businesses to create custom workflows to connect their applications and services. With its intuitive visual interface, even users without coding skills can automate their daily tasks, simplify complex processes, and improve communication between different business functions.

SMC Consulting is your ally to make the most of Make’s potential. We assist you in setting up, configuring and customizing your automations. Our technical and strategic expertise ensures that Make integrates seamlessly into your business ecosystem to boost your operational efficiency.

Make stands out for its flexibility and adaptability to different business sectors. The platform offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create complex workflows, a significant benefit for organizational efficiency and agility. 

Make is designed to fit any business, regardless of industry. Whether you’re in retail, technology, finance, or any other industry, Make can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

Yes, Make can be integrated with virtually any existing tool thanks to its integration capabilities and powerful APIs, ensuring perfect synergy with the tools you already use.

SMC Consulting is committed to providing ongoing support for Make. We offer comprehensive support, from initial implementation to ongoing optimization, so you can maximize the use of the platform.

Make excels in its ease of use, flexible approach to automation, and ability to effortlessly adapt to a wide range of use cases, positioning it as a robust choice compared to other platforms. 

The costs associated with implementing Make depend on the complexity of your processes and the level of customization required. At SMC Consulting, we offer solutions tailored to your budget and specific needs. Contact us for a personalized consultation and a suitable quote.

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Customer Testimonials

“I Can’t count the number nof hours I’ve saved by using Make. Every single day is simpler because of Make’s automation.

Kimberly D

Kimberly D

Owner of Media Production

“Make really helped us to scale our operations, take the friction out of our processes, reduce costs, and relieved our support team. It is difficult to not become a fan.”

Philipp Weidenbach

Head of Operations at Teleclinic

“Make drives unprecedented efficiency within our business in ways we never imagined. It’s having an extra employee (or 10) for a fraction of the cost.”

Cayden Phipps

COO at Shop Accelerator Martech

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