Get powerful customer analytics, automated cross-channel engagement and AI-driven personalization with MoEnagage.

Enjoy hyper-personalised customer engagement at scale!

Mo_Engage Hyper Personalised Customer Engagement at scale
Our Leading Customer Engagement Platform - Empowering 1,200+ Top Brands
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About MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform that empowers marketers and product owners with AI-driven insights to create cross-channel experiences that customers love. With MoEngage you can hyper-personalize at scale across multiple channels like mobile push, email, in-app, web push, on-site messages, and SMS.

How does it work?

Analyze customer likes, dislikes (and more) as they move through your funnel.Use this information to identify and fix weak spots that lead to low engagement or churn.

Group customers based on their behavior and attributes. Leverage predictive models that automatically group customers into “champions”, “price sensitive”, “churn risk”, and more.

Map customer journeys and nudge customers to the next stage with the most advanced and easy-to-use customer journey builder across mobile, email, sms, and other channels.

Delight your customers with a great brand experience through spot-on product and content recommendations. Just map communication to your catalog and get way higher engagement.

Why Choose MoEngage?

Integrated Suite

Act on the rich insights with Actionable Analytics

Remove Guesswork

User Paths give you an insight of what is working best

Predictive Segments

RFM and Intent based segmentation models

10+ channels

Engage users across various channels in a single tool

Reach more users

With Push Amplification+ and Email Consultation Services

Stand out from the Crowd

with various rich messaging templates

Stay relevant

with personalized recommendations

Open Platform

Open Analytics Suite and Out of the box integrations with other tools


Teams, Approval process, SSO, 2FA, SOC-2 compliance

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