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Our AI solutions are designed to provide zero-touch resolution without compromising on the human element.
SMC Consulting Freddy AI For CX

Create a best-in-class customer service experience with Freddy AI

SMC Consulting Freddy Ai - Customer Facing AI

Customer-facing AI

Help customers get answers to questions automatically, engage them with follow up information, and guide them to faster resolution – without any agent intervention. Power up your self-service with Freddy AI to uncover a world of zero contact resolution.

SMC Consulting Freddy AI Agent facing AI

Agent-facing AI

Help agents focus on what they are best at – delighting your customers. Remove the busy-work from their daily life and unlock a world of productivity from triaging incoming tickets to offering them response suggestions with Freddy AI to give them their valuable time back.

Transform your customer service with Freddy AI

SMC Consulting - Freshdesk Omnichannel

Faster resolution

Relieve your customers of long wait times by providing intelligent and instant resolutions with the help of Freddy AI.

SMC Consulting Freddy AI Chatbot

Reduced handle times

With real-time zero contact resolution, intelligent automation, and agent assistance, you can significantly reduce your Average Handle Time.

SMC Consulting Freshdesk

Higher productivity

Free up your agents’ time, increase productivity, and boost their morale by automating the resolution of mundane tasks.

Freshdesk Low TCO

Improved CSAT

Provide instant resolutions through intelligent self-service automation and create happy customer advocates for your brand.

SMC Consulting Freshdesk Customer Support

Optimized support

Save money and reduce support staffing costs as Freddy AI can take care of most of your repetitive tasks.

Freshdesk Speedy Deployment and adoption


Deliver scalable, intelligent support across all channels and make your agents more productive.


Freshdesk can be used in combination with Freshchat and other tools such as Freshcaller , Freshsales and Freshservice as a fully-fledged omnichannel platform. After all, customers are happy to decide how and when to contact you. With the set-up of an omnichannel platform you will certainly create great customer experiences.

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