Get a clear view to improve your security posture

Cyber security and data protection are front-of-mind for every organization. But how do their boards know what and where are their risks, in order to deal with them? How can the right protection be implemented across the whole organization, so as to comply with security and privacy regulations?

The answer is that organizations should be able to assess and measure information security continuously.

Monitoring risks and security maturity is important at various levels in an organization:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Are my policies efficient? How do I manage risk introduced by my organization’s suppliers?
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO): Does our investment provide appropriate return?
  • CEO: Do our investments address the highest risks as a priority? Are these risks at an acceptable level?
  • Compliance Officer and DPO: How do we monitor compliance efficiency and reassure our various external stakeholders?
  • IT manager: How do I get operational metrics on IT security controls?
  • Project managers: How do we assess cyber and compliance exposure through a project lifecycle?

Our solutions

We combine the expertise of our consultants and the use of technologies, thus automating the submission, collection, analysis and reporting of the assessment.  During project like this, the SMC Consulting certified experts will:

  • Perform rapid risk assessment relevant to your business, such as assessing the risk of moving data into the cloud or identifying information security risks specific to your specific industry.
  • Measure your level of compliancy against industry standards such as ISO, CSA, CIS, NIST or regulations like PCI-DSS and GDPR.
  • Assess the efficiency of your internal security controls or the security of your suppliers.

The security & risk assessment can be delivered on your premises or from our offices, as required:

  • One-off assessment:
    We will deliver a unique assessment report in the form of a Word/pdf document plus an executive summary report in PowerPoint. The project can be delivered at a fixed price and may combine an on-site interview with remote analysis.
  • Solution integration project:
    We design, configure and implement our assessment solution platform in collaboration with our partner IntegrityGRC.
  • Managed service:
    We deliver periodic assessment and dashboard based on your requirements and policies, leveraging our SaaS platform IntegrityGRC and Professional Services. Our service is delivered in the form of a subscription.

These solutions are very often supplemented with services from our penetration testing and code review solution, in order to provide our customer(s) with a holistic and accurate view.

Get 360 vision of your cyber security decisions and investments

When you use our security and risk assessment solution, your benefits include:

  • Clear view of your security and compliance posture;
  • Ability to monitor progress of your security roadmap and ROI;
  • Understanding where your high risks are and the ability to define priorities;
  • Support for compliance with all key regulation obligations (GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS, etc.).