The Cyber‑Threat is never-ending and everywhere

The digitization and globalisation process has opened the door to numerous vulnerabilities to cybercriminals. These weaknesses make information security a critical issue for all organisations.

Cyber‑security is a hot topic in all industries, as well as in the public sector. Except for larger organisations, most do not have sufficient internal security expertise, nor can they afford to have their own dedicated Cyber Emergency Service. Cybercriminals tend either to look for easier targets or to target giants for their own glory.

Also, very few organisations manage their security in a comprehensive and dynamic way, leaving potential vulnerabilities open. This means that the risk of a cyber‑attack succeeding is very high.

The frequency of incidents is increasing rapidly. Ransomware and other virus attacks, identity thefts, website defacements, data privacy breaches, internal fraud and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are just a few examples of unfortunate incidents that endanger your business or service.

Your need for a Cyber Emergency Service

Our Cyber Emergency Services are worth their weight in gold whenever you need to handle cyber‑security incidents and crises efficiently. Typically:

  • Before any incident occurs, you want to be prepared for handling incidents and crises in a structured and efficient way,
  • When an incident occurs, you want to quickly and effectively detect and handle them so that you can reduce the impact and any negative consequences,
  • After an incident, you want to learn from past incidents and improve your processes.

During this cycle, communication with both internal and external stakeholders is of critical importance: partners, customers, media, authorities, law enforcement agencies, National CERTs, etc.

Our Cyber Emergency Services

We provide our Cyber Emergency Services on a continuous 365x24x7 basis to react quickly to incidents and guarantee the availability of our resources during critical periods.  In the event of an incident, you can reach your CSIRT contact on a dedicated and secure communication channel and will we immediately assign the technical experts required to resolve the incident quickly.  With a pool of specialists in various aspects of security and technology, working with the National CERT (, we provide a full range of services and support solutions to help you handle incidents and manage crises.

Our practices are based on the principles and the guidelines from ISO 27001, the NIST and the SANS Institute,, the Cyber‑Security Incident Management Guide from the Belgian Cyber‑Security Coalition (c).